Our Services

Let your website boost your corporate image and be the first point of interaction with your clients. Our unique web designs are designed to create powerful first impressions and thrill the senses.We also offer numerous web services to improve and revamp your current web site to a work of art.

With our technical experience in building complex multi-tiered web applications and interactive, database driven websites you can be confident of superb performance at all times.

  Web Design

Website design is our speciality. With many different styles of websites from brochure sites through to eCommerce sites, We will help you find the right one that will engage with your customers and grow your business.

  eCommerce Sites

If selling products online is your objective, getting the right advice and the right eCommerce software is essential. Our eCommerce websites are designed to meet your business needs, and help you achieve better sales online.

  Graphic Design

Like with web design, it is extremely important to ensure your print designs are relevant and on brand. We can help you with print design, posters, or business cards, ensuring you clearly and creatively convey the correct message.


Getting your site visible is important. Our extensive knowledge in SEO, keyword density, and SEO analytics, will help get your site found for the search phrases you have been targeting in your business plan.


Ensuring clients can update their websites and stay relevant online is important. Our CMS systems allow clients to access their website and update content quickly. We can help develop any and all client content.

  Mobile Design

Websites are often viewed on mobile devices. We help you deliver a mobile website that is easy to navigate, load fast and give you a brand presence in mobile search engines helping you gain mobile visitors.

  Web Development

Web development is the process of integrating a design, concept, or business initiative on the Internet. For those venturing into the world of web development for the first time, it would mean an analysis.

  Domain Name Registration

Domain names are how we call websites, in much the same way that we call people by their names. It's important to realize that while people often have identification numbers but always have names, while they often have domain names as well.

  Client Care

When a customer opens an account with CeyNet, we see it as a starting point from which you build an Internet presence and we learn about your additional requirements. One of the keys, to building a total web solution for our customers is often the quality of our technical and marketing support.