Terms and Conditions

CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. has the full authority to cancel this contract at any time, Unless and otherwise agreed upon the contract is binding on the customer on the terms and conditions contained here in the date of signing of this contract by the customer or his person responsible.

01. Formation of Contract
Customer requests CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, to provide the service as on the contract. With the consideration the customer agrees to pay (a) 60% of the selected package as the development fees (b) applicable taxes. The use of the service is the responsibility of the customer. Neither CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. nor its employee/person responsible warrant that the services will be error free or interrupted nor does it warrants the level or accessibility or speed of data transmission or the results obtainable by the use of the service. The service is provided on an “as - is” basis without warranties of any kind. Either expressed or implied.

02. Provision of Service
The customer is eligible to have 3 settings to determine the physical layout of the web site. The customer is also facilitated to 3 proof reading opportunities regarding the content, spellings and the punctuations of the web site. CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, abide to exercise reasonable care with content provided by the customer.

03. Web Layout and the Content
CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, will not be liable for any direct incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of the service or otherwise of the service inability to access or gain desired speed of internet transmission or information obtained through the service or the damages suffered by the customer including loss of data from delays, non deliveries or service interruption caused by any cause. The provision of this clause shall survive until any termination of this agreement.

04. Limitations of Liability.
The service provided by CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. shall not be used by any persons or group of persons, or any kind of organization for any activity of any violation of any government regulation or applicable international laws and laws of Sri Lanka. The customer is informed that CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
Act no central over any information hosted by the customer. The customer indemnifies and shall keep indemnified CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., in respect of any loss, damage claim, suit or proceeding against CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., by any person in respect of the use of customer's account including breaking in to secured computer systems, transmission of any illegal, defamatory and or fraudulently material using CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. Services.

05. Indemnity.
The customer is required to pay an advance of 60% of the selected package. If the customer is not satisfied with any one of the 3 settings of the web site, he will be refunded only 40% of the advance payment. The balance 40% is payable by the customer on completion and acceptance by the customer within 7days of forwarding the final invoice. Second year onwards charges would differ according to the agreement and the customer will be forwarded annual invoice indicating the charges. Only on the customer's request by paying 50% of the ongoing chargers, the company profile of the customers can be added to the Business Web Directory of the CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. Any errors in the invoice should promptly brought to the CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, notice, invoice will be considered to be in order. Customer has to make payments irrespective of any related disputes and such dispute will not be permissible for withholding payment. CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, has the authority to restrict or suspend all services if payment is overdue.

06. Payment for services
CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. has the right to terminate the service to the customer without notice upon misuse or abuse of the service or in case of non payment of chargers. Re commencement of the service will require settlement of all outstanding payments due and the reconnection chargers.

07. Termination
In the event of violence due to civil war, fire, explosion, storm, tsunami, flood, inevitable accident or the irresistible force or events beyond CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. control causing partial damage, or total destruction to essential equipments, infrastructure and premises or any part thereof this agreement shall immediately terminate and in the event of partial destruction or injury the service may terminate with two weeks’ notice to the customer.

08. Force Majeure
CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, shall provide maintenance via telephone and email within the life time warranty period.

09. Maintenance / Warranty
CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, has the right to change all or any part of these conditions. Any changers to the terms and conditions are applicable to the customers after 14 days of notification.

10. Miscellaneous.
The customer should notify to the CeyNet Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, in writing or by an e mail to any changes in account information (Change of address, e mail, etc.)

11. Alteration of Terms.
All the notices and information provided here shall be in writing and must be sent by registered post, Courier or facsimile.